Lexus finally answered its dealers requests today when it unveiled the three-row 2018 Lexus RX L crossover, but now the dealers want another crossover. With the demise of the CT200h in the United States, dealers are hoping that Lexus will fill the void with a compact crossover, along the lines of the UX concept.

Lexus UX Concept

The UX concept originally debuted at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, but since then Lexus hasn’t discussed any production plans. Motor1 had a chance to question Lexus at this week’s LA Auto Show.

“It’s something that our consumers are looking for. Our dealers are all over us to produce that concept vehicle,” Lexus General Manager Jeff Bracken said about the UX. “We are in the process of helping our company understand what we’re leaving on the table. So it’s laser focused and stay tuned.”

Lexus UX Concept

Earlier this year Lexus executive Yoshihiro Sawa revealed at the Geneva Motor Show that the UX concept is headed to production, but it wasn’t confirmed if it would be offered in the U.S. While neither executive has stated concrete plans about the UX, leaked trademark documents might provide some proof. Lexus has already trademarked the “UX 250” and “UX 250h” in the U.S.

Source: Motor1