Lexus Cancels RC Convertible to Build LS-Based Crossover

Lexus has reportedly killed plans for an RC convertible and now will instead move forward with a three-row crossover.

Lexus LF-C2 Concept

Last week Lexus revealed the LF-C2 concept at the LA Auto Show and it was expected that the concept was a preview of the upcoming RC convertible. Unfortunately the only thing the LF-C2 did do last week was preview the automaker’s future design language, since plans for an RC convertible have been ruled out.

If you were hoping for an RC convertible you can go yell at your local dealer, since it’s being reported that negative feedback from Lexus dealers is why the plans were shelved. Lexus dealers were apparently pissed when Lexus decided to move forward with plans for the convertible rather than a much needed three-row crossover.

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Lexus has reporedly responded to the negativity by killing the RC convertible program and instead will now move forward with a seven-passenger crossover. Lexus has already ruled out plans to stretch the next-generation RX, so instead the new crossover will be based on the LS sedan. When it arrives as a 2018 model it will go head to head with models like the Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz GL.

Source: Motor Trend