Land Rover has unveiled the perfect smartphone for your outdoor adventures, the Land Rover Explore. It’s powerful enough to stay powered on for two days and tough enough to survive underwater.

Land Rover Explore

Inspired by the Land Rover Discovery, the Land Rover Explore smartphone was developed with the Bullitt Group. The Android-powered phone features a 4000mAh battery and a five-inch HD display. You can also add an Adventure Pack option that boosts the power of the GPS signal.

Land Rover Explore

The phone can withstand drops up to six feet with a screen protector and it can survive underwater – including in salt water. Land Rover also says that the phone can withstand extreme temperatures, thermal shock and heavy vibration. It’s basically there for you even during a heavy downpour or if you drop it on a muddy trail.

Pricing in Europe starts at €649/£599.

Source: Land Rover