LA 10': 2011 Porsche Cayman R Loses Some Weight

Porsche has unveiled the 2011 Cayman R, which is the rumored Cayman Clubsport.

The Cayman R is a faster and lighter version of the Cayman thanks to aluminum doors, lighter seats and the deletion of other items like a radio, air-conditions and storage compartments. In total the Cayman R lost 121 pounds. There is a little more power from the 3.4L engine, which now puts out 330 horsepower. The Cayman R reaches 0-60 mph in about 4.7 seconds, which is .2 seconds faster than the base Cayman S.

2011_porsche_cayman_r_2.jpg 2011_porsche_cayman_r_3.jpg 2011_porsche_cayman_r_4.jpg 2011_porsche_cayman_r_5.jpg 2011_porsche_cayman_r_6.jpg 2011_porsche_cayman_r_7.jpg 2011_porsche_cayman_r_8.jpg 2011_porsche_cayman_r_9.jpg 2011_porsche_cayman_r_10.jpg 2011_porsche_cayman_r_11.jpg 2011_porsche_cayman_r_12.jpg

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