We’ve already seen the 2023 Kia Sportage, but now Kia has released new teasers of the European version. Why is it different? For the first time ever Kia is going to sell a unique version of the Sportage in Europe. The fifth generation Sportage will look similar to the global version, but it will be closer in size to the outgoing model, rather than the larger new global Sportage.

2022 Kia Sportage european-spec

At the front and the rear of the European-spec Sportage is pretty close to the global version. The biggest difference is the side profile, which does away with the large quarter glass at the rear from the global model and instead has a sportier rear pillar in its place.

“The Sportage will feature a more compact and adventurous profile hinting at heightened levels of agility and performance seen as ideal for European roads. Designed to be the most dynamic and stylish SUV in its segment, the Sportage will feature a muscular stance and a strong yet refined silhouette with crisp, taught character lines that ripple across the surfaces.”

Kia will introduce the European-spec 2022 Sportage on September 1.