While wagons have been making a small comeback in the US, they still don’t sell nearly as well as crossovers. Sadly it’s only been just over a year since the Jaguar XF Sportbrake arrived in the US and but now its future is uncertain.

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The Detroit Bureau is reporting that Jaguar Land Rover is looking to cut costs after posting a 281 million pound loss in the last quarter of 2018. This means that Jaguar will cut models that aren’t selling well and also make a few other changes to its lineup.

“We have to ask [which products] make sense anymore,” Joe Eberhardt, head of Jaguar Land Rover North America, stated to The Detroit Bureau.

Although Jaguar is looking to cut slower selling models, a Jaguar representative reached out to clarify that the XF Sportbrake is still an important model, since it accounts for 20 percent of XF sales. Jaguar has also already confirmed that the XF Sportbrake will be offered in the US for the 2020 model year. As of now its future is just uncertain, since Jaguar will eventually limit features and models that don’t sell well, in the US.

The 2020 F-Type has lost its manual transmission and Jaguar Land Rover is currently re-evaluating its diesel models. If the market continues to move towards crossovers, Jaguar may be forced to kill off other models, like the XJ flagship sedan.

As of right now the E-Pace and F-Pace crossovers account for 70 percent of Jaguar’s sales. Jaguar also recently introduced the I-Pace electric crossover, but it’s too soon to see what impact it will have.

This story was updated on 3/12 after a Jaguar representative reached out to clarify the future about the XF Sportbrake.