Jaguar Engineer Confirms XF Wagon

Jaguar has confirmed plans for a wagon version of the Jaguar XF. Andrew Whyman, XF Vehicle Engineering Manager for Jaguar recently told Carsales, “I can’t say when or how much, but it is on the cards.”

The last wagon that Jaguar built was the X-Type Estate, which didn’t sell that well. Mainly due to the fact that the sedan version of the X-Type was largely unloved. Although the Jaguar X-Type Estate wasn’t a success, Jaguar intends on grabbing a piece of the wagon market. The XF Estate will mainly be targeted at Europe, since they actually sell there. It’s not known if the XF Estate will be offered in the US, but it’s unlikely since BMW and Audi have both stopped selling wagon versions of the 5 Series and A6 here.

Whyman stated, “Ian Callum [Jaguar design chief] will do something different with this. It will be slightly different, with character and panache.”

The actual release date for the XF Estate hasn’t been confirmed.