Infiniti to Get an Audi A3 Fighter

Nissan has announced plans to aggressively grow the Infiniti lineup, growing its sales to 500,000 units sold worldwide up from the 150,000 sold in 2010. Nissan plans on reaching that lofty goal by introducing new models to the Infiniti lineup, which will be 10 vehicles by 2017. Infiniti currently only offers seven models.

One new model planned for the Infiniti lineup is a new entry-level model that will sit below the G series in the lineup. The new Infiniti entry-level model will compete with models like the Audi A3 and Lexus CT 200h. Infiniti wants to tap into the entry-luxury segment, since it expects higher sales in that segment than the others. The Infiniti Etherea concept (above) could be a preview of the new entry-level Infiniti.

Infiniti is also working on a new crossover, dubbed the JX and a new EV based on the Nissan Leaf.