It's Time to Go "Back to the Future" the DeLorean is Being Produced Again

The famous time machine car from the three “Back to the Future” movies is going to be produced again after a 25 year hiatus. The DeLorean company was re-established in 1995 and has been refurbishing the cars since then. Next year up to two DeLoreans will be produced per month in Humble, Texas.

The revived cars will be hand produced and cost about $57,000. The new cars will not be identical to the original models, but will have different interiors and more powerful engines.

DeLorean’s VP James Espey told The Detroit News that up to 80% of the parts used in the new cars will be parts that were originally constructed during the 1980’s. The cars will be sold through five dealers in the US and one in Europe. Sales of the gullwing car should begin in the first quarter of 2008.

Photos courtesy of Jalopnik (Woodward Dream Cruise):

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