Is Jeep Planning a Hemi V8 Powered Wrangler?

The current Jeep Wrangler is definitely under powered. It’s slated to get Chrysler’s new Pentastar V6 for the 2012 model year, but could Chrysler be planning something even more powerful?

Michael Manley, Jeep’s current president and CEO recently had American Expedition Vehicles (AEV), a Jeep aftermarket firm in Montana, wedge Chrysler’s 6.4-liter “392” V8 under the hood of a Wrangler. Yup that’s the same 470 horsepower engine that powers the Dodge Challenger SRT8 392. AEV has constructed and tested other concept vehicles for Chrysler in the past, so this may not be a one off exercise. It’s rumored that this V8 powered Wrangler was produced for “executive evaluation,” which means that it could actually be produced…

Full Story: MSN Autos

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