GM is Working on a Buick Version of the Opel Ampera aka Chevy Volt

According to the latest sources, GM is currently working on a Buick version of the European Opel Ampera plug-in hybrid (Chevy Volt in the US).

GM’s engineers and designers are currently working on a Buick version of the Ampera that will adopt the Buick waterfall grille and Buick’s front end styling. The biggest difficulty that GM faces right now is being able to differentiate it enough from the Chevy Volt. The Buick version would cost more than the Volt, so GM needs to add more features to it in order to justify the higher price.

It’s hard to say how different GM will actually make the Buick version, since GM wants to rush the hybrid to the market. If it is officially approved, the Buick plug-in hybrid could be on sale by 2013.

Full Story: Bloomberg

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