Is GM Really Thinking about Buying Chrysler?

Rumors have been circling after DaimlerChrysler said that they were looking at every option necessary after the huge $1.3 billion loss last year (Chrysler Division). A possible de-merger could be on the horizon.

Shortly after the announcement Chrysler announced a plan to return the company to profitability by 2008, through large cost cutting measures. But, this may not be enough to save them.

Now comes another rumor that GM is in talks to acquire the company in its entirety. This rumor surfaced after it was also announced that GM and Chrysler have been in talks about collaborating on a large SUV.

Could this really be true?  There would be a large product overlap if the companies merged and what exactly would be the benefits? GM has it’s own bag of issues to work out, adding Chrysler to the mix would only make things worse. This rumor has to be fake!