Is General Motors planning an electric coupe?

GM electric coupe

General Motors recently announced plans to introduce 20 new electric cars by 2023, with two of them slated to arrive in the next 18 months. As part of the announcement, GM revealed a teaser photo with several covered cars sitting off in the distance behind the Chevy Bolt EV.

gm electric coupe

Although most of the covered models look pretty ordinary, there’s one that has already caught some attention. Sitting in the middle of what appears to be two tall electric cars, sits a low car that appears to be a coupe. With its long hood, shorter overall length and pronounced rear wheel arch, it could be possible that the silver sheet could be hiding a new electric coupe.

GM Authority expects the model to be a coupe, considering that its proportions aren’t too far off from the Chevy Camaro. Could it be a new Camaro Hybrid, which would be Chevy’s response to the upcoming Ford Mustang Hybrid? Camaro chief engineer Al Oppenheiser has stated in the past that an electrified Camaro is not in the works, but maybe things have changed.

Source: GM Authority