Infiniti LE Electric Sedan Concept Unveiled, Production Model Coming in 2 Years

Infiniti has given the world a preview of its upcoming electric vehicle, with the LE concept at the 2012 New York Auto Show. The dramatically styled LE concept builds on the past Infiniti electric concept cars, but represents a concept that is very close to what we will see in showrooms within the next two years.

Infiniti states that rather than create an electric vehicle with luxury features and an Infiniti badge, the automaker placed an emphasis on designing a pure Infiniti with the brand’s philosophy of Inspired Performance. According to Infiniti, the LE concept is about the same size as the Infiniti G sedan and “does not compromise either roominess or comfort, which is why it starts with an advanced luxury-styled sedan body, not a converted hatchback.”


The Infiniti LE concept features an aerodynamic body with a coefficient of drag of 0.25, which aids driving range, including the aluminum-alloy wheels with aero treatment, the high rear deck, rear aero diffuser and aero side fin spoilers with integrated illumination.


“Today’s luxury EV intenders expect their EV to be a luxury vehicle first, with advanced technology, cutting-edge design and premium appointments,” said Infiniti Americas Vice President Ben Poore. “The Infiniti LE Concept delivers in every dimension, welcoming driver and passenger as guests, much as you’d expect in the owners’ homes.”


Infiniti’s goal was to create an electric vehicle that would stimulate and not sedate. Targeting “impressive EV acceleration without sacrificing the range”, the LE concept is powered by a 130 horsepower electric motor with 240 lb-ft. of torque. It also packs a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery and has an estimated range of 100 miles.

Buyers will be excited with one new feature, the LE concept is equipped an advanced Wireless Charging System. “In keeping with the Infiniti challenger mentality, the LE Concept includes a built-in Wireless Charging System, which we expect to be the first home-based wireless charging system if adapted for the production version,” said Poore. “All you have to do is park your vehicle over the charging pad with no need to connect cables.”