Hyundai is celebrating the delivery of the first 2019 Nexo fuel cell vehicle, which was delivered in Van Nuys, California.

2019 Hyundai Nexo

In addition to announcing that the first Nexo has been delivered, Hyundai has also the pricing details. The Nexo will be available in two trim levels, Blue or Limited. The Blue trim level can be leased for $399, while the Limited trim level is priced at $449 for 36 months. If you’d prefer the Hyundai Nexo can be purchased for $59,345.

Hyundai Nexo

The Nexo also comes with the first year of maintenance for free and its eligible for a California tax credit up to $5,000. Lastly Hyundai is throwing in hydrogen fueling cards that will cover the fueling costs for the first three years.

The Nexo Blue model can travel up to 380 miles, while the Nexo Limited has a driving range up to 354 miles.

Source: Hyundai