Hyundai has announced plans to introduce its new fuel cell vehicle next week at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The fuel cell vehicle was previewed as a near-production concept last August, but now we’ll get to see its name for the first time at the show.

Hyundai Next Generation FCEV
Hyundai Next Generation FCEV Concept

The new fuel cell vehicle will also showcase Hyundai’s new autonomous Advanced Driver Assistance System technologies. In addition to the new fuel cell vehicle, Hyundai will show its progress on bringing hydrogen-powered mobility to hydrogen-powered applications in the home via a section of the booth dedicated to the Hydrogen Life Vision.

Lastly Hyundai will also preview what its future interiors could look like with the Intelligent Personal Cockpit, that features artificial-intelligence-enhanced voice recognition and vital sign-based wellness care, all from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

Source: Hyundai