Hyundai has already revealed that it wants its next-generation models to have more emotional styling as the brand seeks to move away from the “Russian doll” styling of its current models. Hyundai has now confirmed that we’ll see a new concept debut later this year that previews its new, more emotional styling.

Hyundai Le Fil Rouge Concept

The new concept is a follow up to the Le Fil Rouge concept that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Hyundai’s styling chief Sang-yup Lee recently chatted with Autocar, where he stated, “We don’t want ‘Russian doll’ styling. It just doesn’t work on a brand like Hyundai.” While the Russian doll styling can be a bit boring, Hyundai also says that it is too difficult to have one design for all of the Hyundai models sold around the world.

Lee also used a chess analogy to describe the new design, “You have a king, queen, bishop, knight – they’re all different, but they become a team when they’re all together,” he said. “This is our strategy. I call it a Hyundai look, not a family look.”

The new concept will not only preview the new design language, but it will also help the brand get noticed. “It makes people think about Hyundai,” Lee stated. “We’re known for good, practical cars and value for money but we really want to add emotional value on top of that, as a quality booster. It’s important for our next step.”

Source: Autocar