The first “N” model from Hyundai’s new high-performance sub-brand, the i30 N is going to debut later this year. If you’ve been wondering what other models in Hyundai’s lineup will get the high-performance treatment, we have some good and bad news: a Tucson N is in the cards, but a Genesis G80 N is not.

N versions of the Hyundai Accent and Veloster are also expected.

Hyundai N boss Albert Biermann revealed to Australia’s Drive, “Right now there is no limitations. We started with the [i30] C segment and the Fastback [coupe] will follow and we are already working on some other concepts for the B segment [Accent] and SUV also. Right now we are open. The fun-to-drive element is not limited to the size and segment of the car; you can create fun cars in every segment.”

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Biermann who used to lead BMW’s M division also revealed a bit more about the Tucson N, it is “very relaxed, very comfortable to drive, but to have an N version requires a lot of power, nice transmission, nice handling, sportier tyres and lowered body. We can have a very good business with SUVs. We have a good platform with the Tucson to make a high-performance SUV.”

While the news is great for Hyundai badged models, the Genesis brand isn’t so lucky. “Right now there is no plans to make a really high-performance [Genesis] car. We will have the G70 with the 3.3-litre twin turbo engine and we are not planning to put the high performance treatment to it. It will be nicely balanced, but not as wild as the N car.”

Source: Drive