Hyundai Targets 50,000 Genesis per Year and Announces Sonata Hybrid in 2010

Hyundai’s first entry in the rear-wheel-drive luxury segment, the Genesis is just hitting dealerships. Next year Hyundai is also going to launch the Genesis coupe and together Hyundai is hoping to sell 50,000 units combined in the US.

John Krafcik, Hyundai’s vice president for product development said that Hyundai is targeting 20,000 sedans and 30,000 coupes sales per year in the US. Hyundai hopes that both models will elevate its image in the US.

In addition to the Genesis, Hyundai is also working on a Sonata Hybrid that will be released by 2010. Hyundai currently has no plans to offer the Sonata Hybrid with a plug-in option.

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