Honda to Launch 2012 Civics in Rapid Succession

Honda unveiled concept versions of the next-generation Civic at the Detroit Auto Show this month. The concept versions are expected to be very close to the production versions that will officially go on sale in April. In the past Honda has spread out the launch of the different Civic models, but this time every model will launch within weeks of each other.

The Civic family includes a sedan, coupe, lithium-ion powered hybrid, natural gas versions, the Civic Si.

The all-new Civic doesn’t stray far from the current design, but now has more pronounced shoulders and a bigger interior.

2012_honda_civic_coupe_concept_2.jpg 2012_honda_civic_coupe_concept_3.jpg 2012_honda_civic_coupe_concept_4.jpg 2012_honda_civic_coupe_concept_5.jpg 2012_honda_civic_sedan_concept.jpg 2012_honda_civic_sedan_concept_2.jpg 2012_honda_civic_sedan_concept_3.jpg 2012_honda_civic_sedan_concept_4.jpg 2012_honda_civic_sedan_concept_5.jpg

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