Honda Reportedly Kills the Next-Gen S2000, RWD Acuras and V8 Engine Program

It was already reported that Honda has killed the next-gen Acura NSX, but it looks like the economic downturn is causing Honda to cut even more programs.

Autocar is now reporting that in addition to the death of the NSX, Honda has also killed the next-gen S2000. 2009 is reportedly going to be the last model year for the S2000 with no replacement in the works. Honda was also planning on producing a droptop version of the CR-Z that is going to be released next year, but those plans have been shelved as well.

The Honda brand is the only one getting cuts. Acura has long needed a V8 engine and RWD vehicles to compete with the top luxury brands, but it looks like those two plans are dead as well. Honda was planning a large RWD sedan to compete with the BMW 7 Series for 2015, but that model has been cut. A V8 engine was also in the works for Acura’s flagship models but that program is being killed because it is viewed as the wrong engine at the wrong time. Some Honda engineers felt the engine was too big, heavy and unnecessary.

In addition the current trend of building one Accord for the U.S. and one for the rest of the world could also stop. It would save Honda billions in development costs if there was only one Accord. If that were to happen who knows what would happen to the Acura TSX, which is the same as the Euro Accord. Also the U.S. Accord is bigger than the Accord the rest of the world gets, since the U.S. demands a bigger car, which means there would have to be a compromise between the two vehicles.

Full Story: Autocar

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