Honda is Working on a $3,000 Car

It seems like every carmaker is trying to get a piece of the rapidly growing car market in India. Renault-Nissan, Toyota and other automakers have all announced plans to release “cheap” cars for that market. Well now Honda has announced that the automaker is also planning on releasing an ultra-cheap car by 2009.

Honda’s chairman Satoshi Aoki has revealed that Honda is planning on launching a premium small car and an ultra-cheap minicar that will cost under $3,000 by 2009. Originally the Honda Fit and City models were being considered, but they both cost three-times as much as Honda’s goal.

Aoki admits that it is going to be difficult to build a car for $3,000 that will retain typical “Honda Characteristics”.

If Honda does manage to release this “ultra-cheap” car, don’t plan on seeing it in the US anytime soon.

Full Story: Autoblog

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