Chrysler Crossfire Survives for Another Year Despite Claims That it was Dead
It looks like the Chrysler Crossfire is going to continue in production even though there were rumors in April that Chrysler was going to stop production of the coupe this summer.

In the last few years sales of the Crossfire have continued to decline, from 14,665 in 2005 to 8,216 in 2006 despite an increase in incentives. Chrysler also overproduced the 06′ and 07′ models, so the automaker had to suspend production for a while.

Even though the Crossfire is not selling, Chrysler is going to continue producing the slow-selling coupe next year and the automaker is also going to add a few changes (tire pressure monitoring system). The main question here is why? Shouldn’t Chrysler cut its losses and move on to something that consumers actually want? I guess if anyone actually wants one of these cars they can probably get a really good deal.

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