Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe is Going to be Aimed at the European Market

Honda officially unveiled the Honda CR-Z Concept at the Tokyo Auto Show last fall. The car that has been labeled by many as the spiritual successor to the Honda CR-X is going to enter production by the end of 2009.

Although the production version of the CR-Z will be released sometime by the end of the decade, Europeans will get the car first, since it is going to be the vehicle’s most important market. Honda’s UK product manager Mark Turner recently told reporters that the car will start at €25,000, with a high-end model near €28,000. Since the CR-Z is going to be aimed at the European market, Honda UK was tasked with designing and engineering the car. Turner also added that if the demand is there a gasoline version of the CR-Z could also be produced. The CR-Z will join the Civic Hybrid and the upcoming global hybrid in Honda’s lineup.

Although the CR-Z is being designed with European tastes in mind, it should also make it to the US to help Honda reach its goal of selling half a million hybrids by 2011.

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