Honda CR-Z Convertible in the Works?

Earlier this week it was reported that Honda is working on a turbocharged version of the somewhat disappointing CR-Z hybrid. The turbocharged CR-Z would ditch all of the current hybrid components and hopefully be a true successor to the CRX. Now we have rumors that Honda is developing a convertible version of the CR-Z, which would be the world’s first convertible hybrid.

Reportedly a hardtop and convertible version of the CR-Z were originally planned, but the convertible was dropped because engineers felt that the added weight of the convertible components wouldn’t suit the “sporty” character of the CR-Z. It looks like the CR-Z convertible may eventually be released with a lengthened body and a canvas roof. Of course the convertible version would still be heavier than the coupe and wouldn’t be very exciting with the existing 122-hp setup. Engineers have suggested a more powerful 200-hp gasoline-electric setup that was seen in the Hybrid R Concept.

The CR-Z convertible is said to take inspiration from the Honda Open Study Concept.

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