Honda Clarity EV to get a short 80-mile driving range


Tesla’s Model S can travel well over 200 miles, the new Chevy Bolt has a 238 mile driving range and even the Nissan Leaf has a 107 mile range. While every other automaker is looking at longer range electric vehicles, Honda is about to buck that trend with the new Clarity EV, with its short 80 mile range.

Before Honda gets too criticized for the limited-range Clarity, Honda is already defending its decision. According to Honda, the size of the Clarity EV and the cost of the battery are the main reasons why the Clarity EV will only be able to travel about 1/3 the distance of the smaller Chevy Bolt. The size of the Clarity and a decision to keep costs down, were the two main reasons.

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“A pillar of the Honda brand is affordability, and if Honda came out with some obscenely priced long-range electric car, what does that do for the brand?” Steve Center, vice president of environmental business development at American Honda Motor, revealed to Automotive News. “Most of our customers would not be able to acquire it.”

Even though its 80 mile range won’t be a big selling point, Honda hopes that the Clarity EV’s size and low starting price will make it appealing. If you like the Clarity, but need a bit more range, the Clarity will also be offered in plug-in hybrid and fuel cell versions.

Source: Honda