Not that any true Civic Type R fans are complaining, but if you’re wondering why the 2017 Honda Civic Type R isn’t available with an automatic transmission, Honda has revealed why. The 2017 Honda Civic Type R is only available with a six-speed manual, since an automatic transmission would have added too much weight.

Honda is considering an all-wheel drive Civic Type R

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Assistant Large Project Leader for the Civic powertrain, Yuji Matsumochi recently revealed Australia’s Car Advice that Honda chose to only offer a manual transmission in the Civic Type R to keep its weight down. The Civic Type R already has a weight distribution challenge, since 62.5 percent of its weight sits on the front axle and adding a heavier automatic or dual-clutch transission would have made it worse.

“The Type R needs a lightweight powertrain because it is front-wheel-drive, and needs lightweight powertrain systems,” Matsumochi stated. “So, the engine is a little bit heavy, so the transmission side needs to be more lightweight.”

With 306 horsepower being transmitted to the wheels via the two front wheels it was crucial for Honda to get consider the Civic Type R’s weight distribution. Although the Civic Type R is only offered in one version, Honda has already hinted that future versions, like an all-wheel drive Civic Type R or a more tamed down grand touring version are possible.

Source: Car Advice