Have you Ever Wanted a VW Beetle Inspired MP3 Player?

Well it seems that someone thinks that there is a market for a VW Beetle themed MP3 player. LG and VW have teamed to create a MP3 player that can hold either 2GB or 4GB of music, that was unveiled at the Seoul Auto Show this month. If you were hoping for an MP3 player that is shaped like a Beetle, then I am sorry to disappoint.

The LG MP3 player has a VW logo on the front and the Beetle symbol on the back. The unit has a 2.4 inch LCD screen and can play 20 hours of music or up to 3 hours of video. The unit can be color matched to your actual Beetle.

The overall idea seems kind of boring. This thing might have been cool when the New Beetle first came out. Now it just seems like a boring looking MP3 player to go along with a car that is in desperate need of a redesign.

There is no word on if and when this will be released.

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