"Green" HUMMERs Are On the Way!…Will the Changes Improve The Brand's Image?

With gas prices at near record levels, consumers continue to flock towards more economical and environmentally friendly vehicles, such as hybrids or the new diesel powered vehicles. HUMMER currently does not offer a hybrid or diesel powertrain in its lineup, which has hurt their image. Currently HUMMERs are seen as gas-guzzling, over-sized machines.

HUMMER is now looking for ways to improve its image, without hurting their core off-road attributes and aggressive styling.

“Those are bumps along the road but they are not unsurpassable,” HUMMER General Manager, Martin Walsh, told Automotive News. “HUMMER is what it is. It has an iconic pdesign that stands out from anything else. That design attracts attention because it is easy to recognize by those who love it and those who don’t.”

GM’s “Green” Plan for HUMMER:

2009: H2 engines can use E85
2010: H3 engines can use E85 and a smaller H4 may be introduced
2011: Diesel engines will be available

That doesn’t seem like a whole lot.

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