The GMC Hummer EV pickup is quite a big vehicle at 216.8-inches long and 86.7-inches wide. For buyers that love the style of the Hummer EV, but don’t want something so big, it’s being reported that GM is considering a smaller Hummer midsize truck.

Automotive News is reporting that a smaller Hummer is under consideration and a design concept has already been created. It’s expected that it will get the green light, since GM’s execs have labeled it as a high priority.

A smaller Hummer truck would mean that it could possibly be offered in Europe as well, since the bigger version is too big.

While we have no confirmation about a smaller Hummer EV, GM is planning to introduce 30 EVs by 2025, so the smaller Hummer EV truck could be on that list. A smaller truck would also likely be just as well received as the larger truck. GM has already received over 90,000 reservations for the Hummer EV.