General Motors has been all in on its electric strategy, which will see the automaker release several electric vehicles in the coming years. But it looks like GM might be back tracking on an earlier decision to not invest in hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

2019 Chevrolet Volt

In 2018, GM’s President, Mark Reuss, revealed that GM would focus on battery electric vehicles instead of investing in hybrids. Now times have changed, according to CNBC, GM CEO Mary Barra recently revealed in an investor briefing that PHEVs are going to introduced on “select vehicles” in North America.

According to Barra, GM is still on track to eliminating emissions from light-duty vehicles by 2035, but before it gets there GM sees an opportunity to add some plug-in hybrid models to its lineup. The big concern with electric vehicles continues to be the lack of charging infrastructure, which is why PHEVs are the better option in some scenarios. This is great news for PHEV fans, since the last plug-in hybrid that GM built was the Chevy Volt.