GM Reportedly Has Almost a Two Year Supply of the Pontiac G3 on Dealer Lots

Late last year when GM announced plans to sell a Pontiac-badged version (G3) of the Korean made Chevy Aveo, many of us asked why. Well apparently car buyers have asked the same question or have at least ignored the thinky revised Chevy Aveo that is now also sitting in Pontiac showrooms as the Pontiac G3.

Last month Pontiac only sold 141 units, which means that roughly only 1 in every 19 of GM’s approximately 2,700 Pontiac dealers sold a G3. To make matters worse at the end of March Pontiac dealers had 3,479 G3’s in stock, which based on the current selling rate would mean that it would take 617 days to move them…almost two years!

Of course the G3 was just launched in February and sometimes it takes new models a few months to ramp up, but the news doesn’t look good.

Full Story: Wall Street Journal

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