GM Buys 50% Stake in Italian Diesel Engine Maker…More GM Diesels are Coming

GM, Honda and VW and many other automakers have been discussing the futures of diesels in the US a lot lately. Last week GM’s Bob Lutz went on camera to discuss the future of GM diesels. He stated that the first diesels will be under the hoods of Cadillacs and Saturns. Well now the automaker has decided to expand its diesel capacity by buying a 50 percent stake in VM Motori S.p.A, an Italian diesel maker.

VM Motori S.p.A is owned by Penske, which will continue to own a 50 percent stake in the company. The two companies have already collaborated on a 2.9L V6 turbodiesel engine that will be offered in the new Cadillac CTS sedan in 2009.

GM is also working on a 4.5L turbodiesel that will be offered in light-duty and HUMMER vehicles in 2010.

Full Story: eGmCarTech

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