GM Allows Chevy Dealers to Sell Their Volt Demos

Ever since the Chevy Volt officially went on sale, GM has required dealers to keep at least one Volt on their lot as a demo model for interested buyers. GM is now notifying dealers that they are free to sell their Volt demo models.

Allowing dealers to sell their Volt demos will release about 2,300 models that will allow GM to get closer to its goal of selling 10,000 Volts this year. GM has only sold 5,300 units through October.

According to GM dealers have been asking to sell their Volt demos to keep up with customer demand. GM will reimburse dealers $1,500 to compensate for depreciation and the cost of removing the decals from the demo models. Dealers have to sell their demo models by January 3rd and then replace them by the end of January.

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