Frankfurt 09' Preview: Bugatti Galibier Concept Revealed

Bugatti recently held an event to unveil its newest concept the Galibier four door supercar to its past customers and future Bugatti buyers. The Galibier is going to be officially unveiled in Frankfurt, but now we have an early look.

The Galibier concept features a two-tone exterior with polished aluminum for the doors and front fenders mated to a dark blue carbon fiber weave. The concept is powered by Bugatti’s huge 8.0L W16 engine that is mounted in the front of the car. It’s being reported that it will have a top speed of 217 mph.

Just in case you’re wondering Galibier is the name of one of the most difficult alpine passes along the Tour de France.

bugatti_galibier_concept_2.jpg bugatti_galibier_concept_3.jpg bugatti_galibier_concept_4.jpg bugatti_galibier_concept_5.jpg

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