Frankfurt 09' Preview: Audi e-Tron Electric Concept Supercar Unveiled

Audi is set to unveil the e-Tron electric concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Audi has yet to officially release any photos or details about the concept, but these photos have surfaced today.

The e-Tron has the same profile as the R8, but with revised front and rear styling and wheels. Inside the E-Tron concept has a completely different interior compared to the R8 with a driver-focused console. It’s not yet known what will power the e-Tron concept, but expect more details soon…

audi_etron_concept_2.jpg audi_etron_concept_3.jpg audi_etron_concept_4.jpg audi_etron_concept_5.jpg audi_etron_concept_6.jpg audi_etron_concept_7.jpg audi_etron_concept_8.jpg audi_etron_concept_9.jpg audi_etron_concept_10.jpg audi_etron_concept_11.jpg audi_etron_concept_12.jpg

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