Ford is getting ready to release a new 1.5L four-cylinder in the U.S. and while a 1.5L engine may not sound too exciting, there’s something cool about Ford’s new engine – it can run on only two cylinders.

2019 Ford Focus

Thanks to cylinder deactivation the new three-cylinder can deactivate one of its cylinders under certain speeds and loads. David Filipe, vice president of Ford’s powertrain engineering, confirmed last week that the new 1.5L will be offered in the United States, but he failed to reveal which models will get it, but the new Focus is getting it in other markets. The three-cylinder could arrive with the new 2020 Focus when it arrives here next year.

Filipe also confirmed that the new 1.5L three-cylinder will replace the current 1.5L four-cylinder that powers the Fusion and Escape.

Source: Automotive News