Ford is taking its autonomous vehicles to the streets of Miami, since Ford has announced plans to set up an autonomous car pilot program in Florida’s Miami-Dade county. The the first part of the plan will involve pilot programs throughout the year, starting with Domino’s and Postmates.

Ford autonomous car miami

Some of the questions that Ford hopes to answer with its partners, includes:

  • Before a self-driving vehicle makes a delivery, how will employees stock it and send it off?
  • At the end of its journey, how will customers interact with the vehicle to retrieve their food or groceries, and how far from their homes are they willing to walk to get it?
  • What benefits could and should people get from a self-driving experience?
  • Ford autonomous car miami

    The Domino’s pilot is already up and running in Miami, and Ford plans to launch a pilot with Postmates in March. Ford is also expanding its partnership with Argo AI to map Miami’s roads.

    At the end of the pilot, Ford hopes that it will gather enough information to help launch its first autonomous car in 2021.

    Source: Ford