Ford has announced that it has temporarily shut down F-150 production following a fire at a parts supplier on May 2. The fire at Meridian Magnesium Products of America’s plant has resulted in a shortage of parts for the F-150 and Super Duty models that are produced at Ford’s Kansas City Assembly, Dearborn Truck and Kentucky Truck plants.

2018 Ford F-150

While production of the Super Duty has been slowed down at its Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, production of the F-150 has been suspended at the Kansas City Assembly Plant and the Dearborn Truck Plant.

“This is a fluid situation, but we are working closely with our supplier partners to do everything we can to limit the impact on our production,” said Joe Hinrichs, executive vice president and president of Global Operations. “It’s a full team effort and we’re confident that any impacts will be short term. The good news is we have strong inventories of our best-selling F-Series pickups and other vehicles, and customers won’t have a problem finding the model they want.”

Ford has not announced when production of the F-150 will start up again.

Source: Ford