Ford has announced that the Ford Mustang was the world’s best selling sports coupe in 2017, which marks the third year in a row that the Mustang has nabbed the title. Ford sold 125,809 Mustangs in more than 80 countries last year.

Ford Mustang Best Selling Sports Coupe

Of the almost 126k Mustangs sold in 2017, most were sold in the United States with 81,866 units sold, which means that just over one-third of all Mustang registrations are occurring in export markets. In China the Ford Mustang was the best-selling sports coupe last year with 7,125 registrations. If you’re wondering which Mustang is the most popular, it’s the Mustang GT.

“The world loves Ford Mustang,” says Erich Merkle, Ford sales analyst. “For years, Mustang was unobtainable for customers on most parts of the planet. It could only be found on TV or the internet, and now it rolls down streets from Beijing to São Paulo.”

Ford Mustang NASCAR

Ford has also announced that the Mustang is coming to the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series – professional stock car racing’s top league – for the first time, beginning at Daytona in February.

“We’re combining America’s favorite sports car with America’s top stock car racing series,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports. “Mustang always has been about affordable performance, which can be traced to innovations we’ve made competing in racing, like NASCAR. Mustang is a perfect fit for our racing heritage today and tomorrow.”

Source: Ford