It had been rumored and now Ford has confirmed it. Ford is working on a new compact pickup that will slot below the Ranger in its future truck lineup.

Jim Farley, Ford’s president of global markets recently spoke to Automotive News at the Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference in Detroit, where he revealed that Ford plans to build a smaller and cheaper pickup. Farley stated that Ford is “investing in more affordable versions of our truck business” and that “you can expect new nameplates below where we compete today.”

Ford hasn’t confirmed when the new compact pickup will be introduced, but it has been reported that it could arrive by 2022 in the US. The compact pickup will also be based on a unibody platform that will be shared with the next-generation Ford Focus.

We also don’t know yet what it will be called, but Ford did recently trademark the Courier name in the US, which might provide a hint.

Source: Automotive News