Thanks to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Waze, car buyers haven been able to uncheck the box for expensive navigation systems in their new vehicles. But there’s only one issue, what happens when your smartphone-based navigation loses reception? You’re basically screwed.

Ford and Telenav Navigation

Well Ford has a fix for this. Ford has teamed up with Telenav to make sure that you don’t get lost outside your cellular range. The hybrid navigation system, stores maps to keep you on your chosen path when your smartphone loses reception. The new system is part of the Sync 4 system and will be available on the 2021 Ford Bronco and F-150.

2021 Ford F_150

The system requires you to choose the in-dash navigation system. Ford also says that the hybrid navigation solution features specialized route suggestions for towing and off-roading.” To help you tow the “system guides users to routes best suited for the dimensions of their trailer to help avoid sharp turns, narrow bridges and low overpasses.”

Additional trail maps will also be added over time.

When you aren’t off-roading, the system also uses real-time traffic data to get you to your destination faster.