Ford has yet to unveil the US-spec version of the new Ford Ranger Raptor, but design patents for the what appears to be the US version, have surfaced.

Ford Ranger Raptor patent

Ford filed the design patent for the Ford Ranger back in January and the patent has been uncovered on a patent registry in Australia. Luckily Ranger5G forum discovered the design application (No. 29/634999). At first glance the Ranger Raptor in the design patent doesn’t look that different from the truck that’s being sold in other markets, but there are two distinct differences.

Ford Ranger Raptor patent

First the Ranger Raptor in the design patent features a new sports bar behind the cabin, which hasn’t been shown on other Ranger Raptors. Second it appears that the Ranger Raptor shown here has a sliding rear window, which has only been seen on US-spec Rangers.

We don’t know when the US-spec Ranger Raptor will debut or what will power it. Ford unveiled the 2019 Ranger Raptor earlier this year with a 2.0L diesel engine, but in the US it’s expected that it will get a gasoline engine.

Source: Ranger5G