Ford recently unveiled the 2022 F-150 Lighting electric pickup truck, but Ford is just getting started in the EV segment. Ford also recently announced that it will introduce an electric version of the Ford Explorer and its cousin the Lincoln Aviator. Even an electric Bronco looks like it might happen. Now we have news that Ford is considering a second smaller electric pickup too.

Mike Levine, Ford’s North American Product Communications Manager, responded to a tweet this week, which asked if there would be an electric version of the Maverick. He didn’t say anything, but instead responded with a photo from a Ford presentation that shows a the outline of a smaller electric truck.

We don’t know yet if the smaller electric truck will be based on the Maverick or the Ranger, but it’s rumored to be based on the Maverick. If that’s the case, well have to see if Ford calls it the Maverick Lightning.