Ford Fusion Will get 4-Cyl EcoBoost Engine in 2010

Ford has yet to release its much talked about V6 EcoBoost engine, but sources say that Ford is already putting the finishing touches on a new 2.0L 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine. It is expected that the Fusion will get the new engine in 2010.

Ford’s new EcoBoost engines combine turbo-charging and direct injection technology to produce more horsepower from a smaller engine. The first EcoBoost engine is a 3.5L V6 that will be launched next summer in the 2010 Lincoln MKS.

Ford claims that it is too early to discuss the specifics of the new 4-cylinder engine, but that it will deliver the fuel economy that customers demand without sacrificing power. Which according to Product analyst Jim Hall of 2953 Analytics LLP in Birmingham, the four-cylinder engine should deliver power equal to a V6 engine, but with better fuel economy.

Full Story: The Detroit News

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