Although Henrik Fisker’s first electric car, the Fisker Karma wasn’t as successful as the Tesla Model S, Fisker is getting ready to unveil a new model this summer. Henrik Fisker has announced that his latest electric car, the Fisker EMotion is going to debut in August with a driving range over 400 miles.

We’ve seen teaser photos of the new EMotion, but this is the first time that we’ve Henrik Fisker has announced when it will be revealed. Fisker hasn’t announced when it will enter production, but we’ll reportedly have to wait until some time next year for that announcement. We also know that the electric sedan will have a top speed of 161 mph and instead of using a lithium-ion battery, it will be powered by Graphene supercapacitors.

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The EMotion will also be available with self driving technology. In terms of pricing, Henrik Fisker says that it will be priced about the same as the top-spec Tesla Model S.

Source: Twitter