While we wait for Toyota to finally unveil the fifth-generation Toyota Supra, we have been getting a few juicy details about the iconic sports car’s return. We recently heard that the new Supra won’t be offered with a manual transmission and now we have confirmation that it will be powered by a BMW engine.

Toyota’s Vice President of Research & Development, Gerald Killmann recently revealed a few more details about the new Supra with AutoRAI. Killmann revealed lots of new details about the Supra, including the fact that it was mostly developed in Japan, with minimal input from Toyota’s European R&D team. The fifth-generation Supra will not only share its platform with the BMW Z4, but Killman also confirmed that it will be powered by BMW-sourced engine. It’s expected that the BMW engine will be an inline six-cylinder with around 450 horsepower.

If you’re hoping for a hybrid version, there’s some bad news, it’s not going to happen. Lastly, don’t expect the new Supra to be cheap. The Supra will be significantly more expensive than the Toyota 86, which starts at $27,150.

It’s expected that Toyota will finally reveal the new Supra this fall.

Source: AutoRAI