Fiat Announces New 300-Hp 1.8L Alfa Romeo Engine

Fiat has announced plans for a new 1.8L turbocharged engine for the Alfa Romeo brand. According to Fiat the new high-performance engine will employ direct-injection and turbocharging technologies to put out a peak 300 horsepower.

The first model to get the new 1.8L engine will be the Alfa Romeo 4C coupe that is slated to be released in mid-2013. We were given our first preview of the 4C at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. After the 4C, the engine will be used in Giulia midsize sedan and wagon. The exciting news is that the engine has been designed to be complaint with both Europe and the U.S. emissions standards.

Harald Wester, Fiat’s chief technology officer and head of the Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands stated, “This is an extremely important step for Alfa Romeo, as we continue to reposition our brand and prepare it for global distribution. The United States remains our primary objective as we prepare for a 2013 introduction of our models.”

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