Fiat 500 America Unveiled, but it isn't for America

Now this is odd. Fiat has unveiled a limited edition version of the Fiat 500, dubbed the “500 America.” What’s odd is that Fiat makes no mention of offering the model in the U.S. as it will only be available for buyers in Europe.

According to Fiat, the “500 America” emphases the global soul of the Fiat 500, which will be unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show next month. The Fiat 500 America is a tribute to America, even if it’s not going to be sold here.

Only 500 coupes and 500 convertibles will be produced and according to Fiat, “the new Fiat 500 America is celebrating the country where the model was sold in 2011 and where its collaboration with the American pop singer Jennifer Lopez started.”

The 500 America coupe will be offered in the exclusive metallic shade America Blue and it is distinguished by mirror covers with “Stars & Stripes” graphics, stickers and 16″ alloy rims with red cap edge. The 500 America convertible will come in white with a red top and alloy wheels with a blue rim edge.