Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Officially Unveiled with 730-HP

Ferrari has officially unveiled the most powerful and fastest supercar to ever wear a Ferrari badge, the F12 Berlinetta. The F12 Berlinetta, which is the successor to the 599 GTB Fiorano, is powered by a new 6.3L V12 that packs 730 horsepower and 509 lb-ft. of torque. 80 percent of the F12 Berlinetta’s torque is available at only 2,500 rpm, while the V12 can rev all the way up to 8,700 rpm.

The 6.3L V12 is mated to an F1 seven-speed F1 dual-clutch transmission that sends its power to the rear wheels. Ferrari claims that the F12 Berlinetta will reach 0-62 mph in 3.1 seconds, 0-124 mph in 8.5 seconds and it has a top speed over 211 mph. The F12 Berlinetta also finishes a lap of the Fiorano circuit in 1:23, which is faster than any other Ferrari road car.

Overall the F12 Berlinetta’s weight comes in at 3,362 pounds thanks to a new aluminum spaceframe and bodyshell that is made of 12 different kinds of alloys. The F12 Berlinetta weighs 154 lbs less than the old 599 although the structural rigidity has increased 20 percent. The F12 Berlinetta’s weight distribution is 46:54.

The F12 Berlinetta will officially debut next week at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show before it goes on sale in early 2013.